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Tim's drive to change clients' lives is acutely unique.  While previous therapists encouraged me to explain my woes, Tim ultimately cared if I was happy with my life and what daily changes I was planning to improve it.  Through pragmatic goals and an emphasis on personal choice and responsibility, Tim makes regaining control of one's life a navigable journey.

College student

Current statistics indicate that you will have over five careers and multiple jobs in your lifetime.  This often involves serious life decisions and careful planning, impacting both you and your family.  DunkinWorks provides a variety of approaches to assist you with decision making, prioritizing and planning the key shifts in your life. Working with you, we build a roadmap that includes your personal mission, possible careers and life directions you may consider.  You will design the direction of these sessions based upon your self-evaluation of critical life areas such as health/well being, family and friends, home and surroundings, fun and leisure, spiritual development, work and career, primary relationship, as well as money and finances. These sessions provide you the ability to explore and develop new directions leveraging your current skills and knowledge while factoring in your personal aspirations and needs.

Sessions are billed at $150.00 an hour and take place at an agreed upon location or via phone. 

Click here to learn more about Wandzia's certification with the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching at JFK University.

DunkinWorks also provides this service for couples/partners to enhance the quality of their personal relationships.

There are times when we want to improve our day-to-day decisions, priorities and outcomes.  DunkinWorks offers personalized sessions to address your individual needs.  We leverage the key concepts and indicators from our Performance Leadership model blending it with your personal goals to support you in enhancing your life.  Using a variety of communication and planning techniques, you will build a new frame of reference from which to make decisions and practice new behaviors.

We start with an introductory meeting to discuss your needs and expectations.  Based upon the initial discussion, DunkinWorks recommends an approach and time commitment if we determine to be a good match for your needs.

Sessions are billed at $150.00 an hour and take place at an agreed upon location or via phone. 

DunkinWorks offers individuals more customized versions of the communication workshops and techniques available to organizations (link).  Based upon your needs and existing skills, a series of sessions will be created to address your specific development desires and aspirations.

Sessions are billed at $150.00 an hour and take place at an agreed upon location or via phone.  In addition, you must purchase a Success Signals workbook for $30.


Tim is an insightful mentor and life coach.  He has the ability to peel back the layers and guide, prod, provoke, inspire and teach responsibility for all aspects of one’s life.  The tools he has given and taught me have helped me at home, during work and made the transition into retirement a well planned adventure for the next phase of my life.

Marty Wright
Sunnyvale DPS Battalion Chief (Retired)


If you are transitioning from your final career into retirement, this session is specifically designed to help you think through and prepare for your next phase of life.  Through numerous exercises and examples, you will have the tools to clarify your personal lifestyle expectations and create your own plans.  You will consider various components that will impact your retirement including financial, physical, emotional, relational and social as well as determine how you will spend your time day to day.  The outcomes include a transition plan and a longer-term activity plan for the coming years.

This service is offered as both a workshop and/or on an individual basis.  Please contact us if you wish to join a pending workshop.