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DunkinWorks - Our Approach and Values

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Tim works well with
diverse people and
environments.  He is a
man whose character and
values have been greatly
aligned with ours.

Dave Thorton
President & CEO,  (Retired)
YMCA of Santa Clara Valley

We were all captivated by
Wandzia's unique and
professional blend of
warmth, expertise and

Priscilla Murphy
St. Lawrence the Martyr Elementary and Middle

Tim is a wonderful
combination of teacher,
comedian, organizational
wizard and all-seeing sage.

Jenni Martin
Director of Education,
Children's Discovery
Museum of San Jose

When you work with DunkinWorks, we’ll use various strategies, processes, and tools to help ask all the right questions and build the answers you’ll need. And we are able to customize many of our services based upon your desired outcomes and special circumstances.

Our approach leverages our unique Performance Leadership model that identifies the relationship between leadership and organizational dynamics. It helps evaluate assets, obstacles, alignments, interactions, and assumptions that can affect desired change. And often during our work, we teach self-awareness and ‘observer’ techniques as key tools for the transformational process.

As our clients share, we have the special ability to interject “realness” and humor during challenging and controversial moments. So you can make progress and laugh from time to time while doing so.


We believe that every organization and individual has within them the answers to issues, challenges, and opportunities facing them. At DunkinWorks, we value this internal knowledge and facilitate the discovery process for those answers.
To support this value, we believe …

• Organizations and individuals are responsible for their choices.
• Each organization and person is capable of changing.
      • Reflection aids self-awareness and lifelong learning
      • ‘Observer awareness’ assists conscious choices
• Both clear intention and thought guide behavior and communication.

Our goal is to support organizations and individuals in finding their own answers using various tools and techniques to aid them. We ask our clients to be responsible and accountable for their choices in hopes of achieving their desired results and highest potential.