Tim Dunkin & Wandzia Rose offer coaching, training and facilitation to public and non-profit organizations to enhance teams and individuals.  Key services are communication styles training, performance leadership certification and personalized coaching.

Transforming Organizations and Individuals

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Are you achieving the performance levels you desire?  For either your organization or yourself?

At DunkinWorks, we assist organizations and individuals to achieve their desired performance and outcomes.

We specialize in performance-oriented approaches and processes that enable organizations to transform from “struggling to good” or from “good to great.”  DunkinWorks offers a diverse mix of services including facilitation, coaching and specific skills training to assist you.

Performance Leadership, our signature training, is DunkinWork’s unique leadership model founded from over 40 years of combined management experience.  Clients regularly share how actionable, effective, performance-driven and comprehensive it is.  We believe the model is critical to the success of any organization or team.

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Tim Dunkin's services have been invaluable to the development of our team. We've used his excellent facilitation skills to guide process, freeing us to focus on content.
We've used the Performance Leadership model as a framework to discuss the spectrum of management issues with the leadership team and staff.

In addition, Tim's personal coaching has been transformative to develop my thinking processes to meet the inevitable challenges with leading and managing large groups of people and working effectively within a large organization.

Lorrie Gervin
Environmental Division Manager
City of Sunnyvale



At DunkinWorks, we strongly believe that people make the organization - and therefore, individual development, skill enhancement and personal presence are strongly linked to the organization’s performance.  Thus, we offer personalized coaching to enable individuals to become more successful within their careers as they transition through promotions, job changes or retirement.

At a more personal level, DunkinWorks also provides life coaching to help individuals manage major changes or life transitions as they arise. Their desires for more balance in the day-to-day or to reprioritize commitments and responsibilities or address a spiritual gap are all requests we help our clients address.

And who says that learning should be fun?  We do!  Tim Dunkin and Wandzia Rose both bring a high-energy, focused approach when working with you.  Learn more about our Approach & Values.

Just so you know, some of our clients include Santa Clara County; the cities of Sunnyvale, San Jose, Palo Alto, Livermore, San Mateo and San Francisco; as well as the YMCA of Silicon Valley and the Children’s Discovery Museum.

DunkinWorks is ready to assist you or your organization to achieve the performance you desire.  Contact us - we look forward to working with you!

Tim has many years of experience training groups from 5 to 250 participants and can adapt his style easily to the size and demeanor of the group. He invites participation and can quickly revise his training strategies to meet the group's needs and interests. I always receive many positive comments from staff after they attend a training by Tim.

Elizabeth Hunt, MSW, MPA
CEO, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley