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DunkinWorks created Performance Leadership based upon clients’ needs and challenges.  This leadership model is a comprehensive approach to assist leaders at all levels to understand the complex dynamics that impact organizational performance.  With this model, leaders learn how to maximize the performance of their own organizations.

Using various tools and techniques, Performance Leadership guides leaders to ask the key questions about the current status of their organization, the desired direction for their future and the needs to achieve their desired outcomes.  Leaders learn which key factors help achieve success as well as a disciplined process by which to monitor progress.

Performance Leadership teaches the balance and interaction between the twin forces of leadership and management, between people and systems.  This powerful model becomes both an analytical and a strategic planning tool.  With it, leaders often determine the prime causes driving current conditions as well as appropriate pathways for future success.

Training and certification is available in a variety of formats, including:

• Performance Leadership Training Series:   To gain the most comprehensive knowledge, participants are encouraged to complete the series of three workshops listed below.  All workshops are designed for 1.5 days.  Generally, these workshops are provided by DunkinWorks at a designated site with leaders from multiple organizations. Please check scheduled workshops for availability.

The 3 workshop series include:

We've used the Performance Leadership model as a framework to discuss the spectrum of management issues with the leadership team and staff, especially those seeking promotional opportunities.

Lorrie Gervin
Environmental Division Manager,
City of Sunnyvale

• Performance Leadership: Core Concepts - participants will acquire the essential knowledge for the implementation of Performance Leadership as well as critical skills enhancement. This workshop ensures a solid foundation for understanding and application of the model.

• Performance Leadership: Intermediate Applications - participants will explore each Performance Leadership concept more fully with exercises designed to assist leaders in applying the concepts both personally and professionally.
Prerequisite: Core Concepts

• Performance Leadership: Advanced Integration - participants will learn advanced applications of all Performance Leadership concepts, both personally and professionally. In addition to more sophisticated applications, participants will also conduct analysis and planning for their own personal or organizational usage.
Prerequisite: Core Concepts and Intermediate Applications

• Performance Leadership: Train the Trainer: Individuals who wish to become a certified trainer for the DunkinWorks’ Performance Leadership series may attend a 5 day intensive Train-the-Trainer program. This intensive program will provide the essential skills, knowledge and techniques to deliver the Performance Leadership Series.

Performance Leadership consolidated a bookcase full of leadership and management texts into a simple, dynamic and comprehensive model of organizational management practices that I could immediately utilize.  I encourage any mid- or upper-level manager who relies upon people to accomplish their organizational mission to attend these workshops and practice the theories of PL in their daily routines.

Tom Connelly
Captain (Retired), Los Altos Police Department

The Performance Leadership series has been an invaluable tool.  Through the models, methodologies and practices I learned, I have already been able to affect change within my office.

Randy Saffold
Manager of Campus Recreation ASI, SJSU