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Within the first 10 minutes of the training, all the participants were captivated by Wandzia's unique and professional blend of warmth, expertise and professionalism.

Priscilla Murphy
St. Lawrence the Martyr Elementary and Middle Schools

For teams or individuals looking to develop or enhance their skills, DunkinWorks offers training in several areas that are essential to professional and organizational success.

Project Management
Strong project management skills have become “expected” in most roles and yet few organizations provide training on the essentials. DunkinWorks offers a one day workshop to build participants understanding of the core theory, structure, factors and components of project management.  This course was developed to immediately enhance your (and/or a team’s) ability to effectively manage projects as well as provides a firm foundation for advanced project management applications.

For individuals or teams who facilitate many different forums, DunkinWorks provides a one day workshop to help you drive to expected outcomes.  The session focuses on the key elements that impact any group process, the categories that must be considered in planning any process and the specifics for organizing space to meet desired objectives.  In addition, you will learn techniques to address unique and common group dynamics for a variety of outcomes.

Transition Management
Is your organization going through changes?  DunkinWorks provides a one day workshop to help you build the insight necessary to assist your team become comfortable with, accept and implement the changes needed.  Based upon Bill Bridge’s work, transition management recognizes that if the people who must live with the change are properly supported, the desired performance outcomes may be achieved quicker with less distress.

Tim has many years of experience training groups from 5 to 250 participants and can adapt his style easily to the size and demeanor of the group.  He invites participation and can quickly revise his training strategies to meet the group's needs and interests.  I always receive many positive comments from staff after they attend a training by Tim.

Elizabeth Hunt, MSW, MPA
CEO, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley