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Clear, encouraging and supportive - as a team builder and facilitator, Wandzia is unsurpassed.

Priscilla Murphy
St. Lawrence the Martyr Elementary and Middle Schools

Organizations (and the individuals within them) often require assistance in achieving the movement necessary for their success. At DunkinWorks, we offer a highly tailored approach in meeting the goals and objectives of your group through the following processes:

Strategic Planning
Using a variety of techniques, DunkinWorks tailors the process to meet your stated goals and objectives in an efficient and timely manner.  We will produce a quality product that will guide your organization in 3 to 5 year increments.

Tim facilitates strategic planning sessions and other group processes vital to our success.  The enthusiasm, smarts and color he brings to our leadership group is magical.  When he works with us, we always achieve our goals and have fun doing it!"

Mary Patterson
(Former) Executive Director, Project Cornerstone, Santa Clara Valley Consortium


Conflict Resolution
Conflict is a normal part of organizational life. Regardless of the scope or nature of the conflict, DunkinWorks offers a variety of ways to assist you. Using mediation, intervention, or a more significant process involving interest-based negotiations, DunkinWorks can help the situation reach resolution.

Increasingly organizations are turning key decisions and recommendations over to designated teams or task groups.  DunkinWorks offers assistance to maximize effectiveness and participation of all members.  Depending on your needs, we can design the entire process, create a team charter, conduct sessions and document the results for on-going work and final deliverables.

Business Meetings
Most organizations use meetings with various individuals to move their plans forward.  DunkinWorks offers a variety of approaches to increase effectiveness for all types of meetings including community forums, advisory groups or key internal working groups.  In addition, DunkinWorks will train internal leaders to effectively facilitate their own processes. 

Retreats & Special Events
For organizations dedicating a special time and place to brainstorm, evaluate, prioritize and plan, DunkinWorks offers meeting process development to ensure objectives and goals are met.  And if you prefer to be a part of the process, DunkinWorks can also facilitate the meeting so you may be as actively involved as the other participants.